The moon & me

Ive been alone for four days. Except for the cats and tortoises of course.  Last night before bed I opened the van door and there looking back at me was the moon, it reminded me somehow of the Frida Khalo quote about being the strangest person in the world, and I wondered whether that was me.


And then sleep and another new day.

Life has taken on a routine of its own, again, living here in this small space, a certain amount of order and routine is advisable or everything goes into disarray.

Time goes so fast and yet everything happens at a slower pace, the future is not a thing that I can predict any longer,  so each day is a new begining, wrapped in the comfort blanket of doing daily chores, that people in houses take as a given.

I like it for now

Ive decided to stop asking the questions I cannot answer



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